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Why? What? How?

The very first article you should read about Thunk.AI

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You probably use ChatGPT and have realized that the underlying AI models are magical. Yet you also know there is more to be done to put that magic to practical use at work.

Why should I use Thunk.AI?

Thunk.AI helps you and your team work more efficiently by using AI to automate your AI work.

  • You normally have to check and proof-read and correct what ChatGPT does. It is an "unpredictable genius". Thunk.AI utilizes the same underlying AI models, but builds in automatic checking and correction to ensure that the outcomes are more predictable. Thunk.AI chats with GPT _for you_ to get the work done.

  • Often, your work involves a sequence of tasks (a "plan" or a "workflow"), not just one-off work items. Thunk.AI helps you create and then apply a plan or workflow, where each task is run with AI.

  • Your work context doesn't sit in one application silo -- it often has to combine information in email, files, web sites, meetings, etc. Thunk.AI combines all this context and makes it available to the AI model so that it is fully informed when responding.

  • Most work is collaborative, so you have to be able to record partial progress, share with others in your team, transfer ownership of tasks, etc. Thunk.AI adds a layer of collaborative projects on top of the basic task-level AI interactions.

  • Finally, it is easy to use ChatGPT of course. But it requires specialized and experienced software engineering talent to build any custom or automated applications with the underlying GPT AI model. With Thunk.AI, you will get that in a "self-service" platform with no need for any software engineering expertise.

What can I do with Thunk.AI?

The simple answer is "AI automation". In other words, AI logic runs automatically on your work items or your data without a human being having to sit in front of a chat window and tell it what to do. AI logic that runs automatically is sometimes called an "AI agent". You can set AI agents up to be fully or partially automated. The main benefit comes from eliminating repetitive work and by ensuring that work is handled by AI through an established process or workflow.

  • If your work involves repetitive manual tasks that involve reading or creating or analyzing text, files, images, or web pages, it is likely that Thunk.AI can automate some or all of it

  • If you find yourself using ChatGPT repeatedly for similar tasks, it is likely that Thunk.AI can automate that work without your having to manually interact with ChatGPT each time.

The particular process or workflow you choose can be custom to your environment. And it doesn't need to be defined perfectly. Instead, you can give your AI agent high-level natural language instructions and expect it to follow them sensibly. And there are different common patterns defined in the platform already.


Here are some articles to read that discuss this topic in more detail:

How do I use Thunk.AI?

As for the "How?" question, that's answered by the information in the rest of the articles. We recommend initially reading these two articles and then moving on to the next level of detail:

You don't need to know or internalize all of this information before you start. Remember that Thunk.AI is a self-service platform and it is easy to sign in, look at a couple of samples, and then experiment by creating your own thunks.

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