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The "understand-it-first" approach
The "understand-it-first" approach

Here's some information about Thunk.AI and how it automates work with AI agents. When you are ready, sign up and use the platform.

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There are six resources with information about Thunk.AI:

1: The Thunk.AI web site

The web site is the place to go to read high-level information about the Thunk.AI product. The content there is meant for relatively quick consumption and covers many different aspects of the product, from both a technical and a business viewpoint.

2: The Help Center

The documentation help center is a collection of short articles covering a range of topics about the platform. Its only purpose if platform education and its only audience is users of Thunk.AI. If you are building and using thunks on the platform, this should be essential reading.

Within the help center, there are three ways to navigate the articles:

  • Treat it like a book and read the articles in the order of the chapters. The very first chapter is "Core Concepts" and as the name suggests, it might be what you should read first if you are an "understand-it-first" kind of person.

  • Every article you read shows links to "Related Articles" at the bottom of the page. So that's a great way to discover new things and learn about related capabilities.

  • And of course, if you need to learn about something specific, there is a search box

3: The samples

There is an ever-growing set of samples for Thunk.AI. You'll find them here.

You do not need to create an account with Thunk.AI or be signed in to see the samples or browse through them. Each sample is accompanied by a video and some of them also have descriptive articles.

Once you get through some reading on the Help Center and browse some samples, you should be ready to create an account and create your first thunk.

4: The Youtube channel

The Thunk.AI Youtube channel has all the sample videos and a growing collection of other "how-to" videos and useful training content. These videos are especially useful when it comes to understanding how to enable some specific feature or capability.

5: The user community forum

Once you start as a Thunk.AI user, the user community forum is the place to interact with members of the platform team, and with other users. Treat this as your primary "support" environment because every question answered here benefits many other people who might have similar questions. And for you, this becomes a great source of ideas and information as you learn about what others are doing.

6: Your Thunk.AI agent!

When you are using Thunk.AI, your AI agent works with you in many different contexts -- during planning, and while working on individual steps. You can interact with your AI agent through a chat window. And in that chat window, you can always ask it a question about the platform. It may help to frame it like this: "how can I do <X> with Thunk.AI?". Your AI agent answers the question by synthesizing all the information in the Help Center right there in the context of your work.

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